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Job Title:

Engineering Officers (senior CoCs) - Royal Fleet Auxiliary

Job Type: Permanent
Salary / Wages: 43,000 - 57,000 (Annual, PAYE)
Date Posted: 8 Mar 2017
Closing Date: 30 Sep 2017
Trading Area: World Wide
Tour Length: 4 months
Flag State: United Kingdom
Vessel Type: Naval/Armed Forces Support
Vessel: Naval Support vl.
Required Skills:
Additional Information:

We are currently recruiting engineering officers for the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA), who hold either a 2nd Engineer Unlimited or Chief Engineer Unlimited certificate of competency.

Tour to leave ratio: 4 months on with 12 weeks leave.

Salary: Sliding scale from 43,000 to 57,000 per annum PAYE (offers based on experience / transferable skills.

Pension: Up to 18% employer contribution pension scheme

Due to security regulations candidates must comply with one of the following;

  1. Born in the United Kingdom and hold a UK Passport
  2. Hold dual nationality and lived in the United Kingdom for at least 5 years (2nd country of origin can not have compulsory national service)
  3. A naturalised citizen of the United Kingdom and held a UK Passport for a minimum of 5 years.


Certification required


1.         2nd Engineer Unlimited / Chief Engineer Unlimited (UK CoC)

2.         Unrestricted ENG1

3.         Vaccinations (See below for full list)

4.         STCW 2010 refresher training (EFA,FPFF, PST, PSSR & CPSC)

5.         Advanced Fire Fighting (refreshed to 2010)

6.         Medical 1st Aid

7.         Designated Security Duties

8.         UK Passport

9.         Discharge Book


Vaccinations required;


i.          Yellow Fever

ii.          Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio

iii.         Hepatitis A

iv.         Typhoid

v.         Meningitis C

vi.         Measles, Mumps & Rubella

vii.        Tuberculosis (Mantoux test for all new recruits with a BCG scar or     

            documentary evidence).

viii.       Hepatitis B


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