Deck Officers (Mstr Unlimited CoC) - RFA

Job Type Permanent
Salary/Wages £43,000 to £52,000 per annum PAYE (offers based on experience / transferable skills. (Annual, PAYE)
Date Posted 3 January 2018
Closing Date 28 February 2018
Trading Area World wide
Tour Length 4 Months
Flag State United Kingdom
Vessel Type Naval/Armed Forces Support
Vessel Naval Support vl.

We are currently recruiting Deck Officers for the RFA (Royal Fleet Auxiliary), who hold a Master's unlimited UK CoC.

Candidates must have recent practical on board navigation experience, including hands on exposure to and management of digital navigation systems.

Tour to leave ratio: 4 months on with 12 weeks leave.

Salary: Sliding scale from £43,000 to £52,000 per annum PAYE (offers based on experience / transferable skills.

Pension: Up to 18% employer contribution pension scheme


Additional benefits


·         Port visits and operational stand-downs worldwide allow you to enjoy downtime in the places you visit

·         Mandated and career training courses funded by the RFA

·         Express career oppor­tuni­ti­es (role specific)


Due to security regulations candidates must comply with one of the following;

  1. Born in the United Kingdom and hold a UK Passport
  2. Hold dual nationality and lived in the United Kingdom for at least 5 years (2nd country of origin can not have compulsory national service)
  3. A naturalised citizen of the United Kingdom and held a UK Passport for a minimum of 5 years.


Certi­fica­tion Required

1.     Master unlimited UK CoC 

2.     ENG1 (Unres­tric­ted)

3.     Vaccinations (see list below)

4.     GMDSS

5.     ECDIS / ARPA / NAEST(O / M)

6.     HELM (O / M)

7.     STCW 2010 refresher training (EFA,FPFF, PST, PSSR & CPSC)

8.     Advanced Fire Fighting (refreshed to 2010)

9.     Medical 1st Aid / Medical Care

10.   UK Passport

11.   Discharge Book


All candidates must hold the following vaccinations however, these are not initially required at the time of applying and are attained during the recruitment process.  




1.     Yellow Fever

2.     Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio

3.     Hepatitis A

4.     Typhoid

5.     Meningitis C

6.     Measles, Mumps & Rubella

7.     Tuberculosis (Mantoux test for candidates under age 35 without a BCG scar or documentary evidence).


Reference No: 204886

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