Chef (Temporary)

Job Type Temporary
Salary/Wages £24,000 (Annual, Gross)
Date Posted 9 August 2018
Closing Date 12 August 2018
Vessel Type Research
Vessel Environmental Research
One of our clients requires a temporary Chef to join their research vessel 

Join: Southampton on 21 August
Disembark: Santa Cruz on 16 October 2018 

Salary: £24,000 per year and accrue 25 days leave per month on board.
For further information, please email Tiffany at info@bachmann-recruitment.­com re Chef1063  
Please note travel will depart 1 day prior to this start date)
Ports joining & Leaving: Joining in Southampton and leaving in Santa Cruz
Salary: £24,000 per annum

If a candidate holds the relevant experience and quali­fica­tions listed below please email an updated CV and all their certificates to hrmarine@­noc.­ac.­uk;­  
Seafarer Medical Certificate (ENG1) without restrictions
STCW basic safety training (Fire fighting, Personal survival techniques, Personal safety & social respon­sibility, Elementary first aid)
Passport with the right to work in the UK
UK Discharge bookHealth and Hygiene cert MLC approved
Part 1& 2 MCA Ships Cook cert or equivalent
Designated Security duties

Reference No: 461974

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