General Information

Please remember to attach a copy of your CV to the application form. Please also attach copies of all relevant certificates including your medical.­  This helps to speed up your application as all clients will need to see copies of your certi­fica­tions.

Once registered in our database, your details will be updated every time you apply for a position.­  Unless you have updated certi­ficates, revalidated certificates or your medical circum­stances change, you will not need to send them again.

If you have changed your address, e-mail address or phone number, please just send us a quick e-mail so we can update your details.  We can't contact you if you don't!

Bachmann Recruitment will not forward your details to a third party unless we have spoken to you first or you have applied online.  Your application is treated with the strictest confidence and references will only be sought if we have your agreement to do so.