Second Engineer <3000kW (Tug/Relief)

Job Type Temporary
Salary/Wages £ TBD
Date Posted 13 March 2020
Closing Date 13 April 2020
Flag State United Kingdom
Vessel Type DP
Vessel DP-AHTS
Bachmann Recruitment is preparing for crew relief cover for our client's fleet of state-of-the-art multi­pur­pose vessels; including an Engineering Officer <3000kW for our client's optimum anchor handling tug.

Candidates will need to be based in the UK and experienced on AHTSs, PSVs, ERRVs, or similar offshore support vessels.

- Second Engineer <3000kW Unlimited UK CoC/CeC
- ENG1
- Security Awareness / Proficiency in Designated Security  
- STCW Personal Survival Techniques, Fire Fighting, PSSR (if necessary) – Refreshed to 2010
- Medical First Aid or STCW Elementary First Aid (issued within the last 5 years)
- Advanced Fire Fighting
- CPSC – Lifeboat training (Compliant with STCW 2010)
- Driving License
- Seaman’s discharge book
- Passport
- Excellent references

Reference No: 936124

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