Second Engineer (FPV Temp)

Job Type Temporary
Salary/Wages 150.00 (Day Rate)
Date Posted 15 July 2020
Closing Date 30 July 2020
Trading Area Falkland Islands
Tour Length 4 Months
Endorsements C/O <3,000gt
Flag State United Kingdom
Vessel Type Fishery Protection
Vessel Fishery Protection

Required Skills

Certificates required:

1.     2nd Engineer Unlimited or higher (UK CoC)

2.     ENG1 (Unres­tricted)

3.     STCW AFF, FF, PST & PSCRB - Refreshed to 2010

4.     Elementary First Aid

5.     Medical First Aid

6.     Personal and Social Respon­sibility (if held)

7.     Security Awareness / Designated Security Duties

8.     Passport

9.     Discharge Book

Temporary 2nd Engineer required for Fishery Protection Vessel operating Falklands.

Contract initially for four months but could be extended, dependant on performance 

Reference No: 967137

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