3rd Engineer

Job Type Temporary
Salary/Wages 118.00 (Day Rate, Other)
Date Posted 22 February 2021
Closing Date 5 March 2021
Tour Length 4 Months
Flag State United Kingdom
Vessel Type Fishery Protection
Vessel Fishery Protection

Required Skills

Certificates required:


En3rd Engineer Unlimited or higher (UK CoC or equivalent CeC)

2.     ENG1 (Unres­tricted)

3.     STCW AFF, FF, PST & PSCRB - Refreshed to 2010

4.     Elementary First Aid

5.     Medical First Aid

6.     Personal and Social Respon­sibility (if held)

7.     Security Awareness / Designated Security Duties

8.     Passport

9.     Discharge Book

Bachmann recruitment are looking for a 3rd Engineer to work on an FPV 
initially for a 4 month contract, but further contracts available depending on performance.

Reference No: 973152

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