3rd Engineer Senior

Job Type Permanent
Salary/Wages 29,568.00 NOK (Consolidated Per Month, Gross)
Date Posted 19 April 2019
Closing Date 15 March 2019
Flag State United Kingdom

Required Skills

  • Experience in the position of 3rd Engineer on-board cruise ships;
  • Experience in the upkeep of technical records and certi­fica­tion;
  • Excellent leadership and decision making skills along with ability to work under pressure in a multicultural environment;
  • The ability to work independently and as an effective member of a small team.

  • To hold a valid unlimited OOW Engineering license as per STCW III/III with shipboard experience on a passenger ship;
  • Experience in ensuring that systems and equipment within every sub-division of the Engine Department are operating correctly and are maintained up to the highest possible standards of the cruise line and international regulations - main and auxiliary engines, generators, electrical and electronic systems, communication systems, heating, cooling, ventilation systems, plumbing, waste management systems, and the machinery in the lifeboats and rescue boats;
  • Excellent references/­recom­men­dations;
  • The ability to read, write and speak English clearly and distinctly, and the ability to communicate with guests and crew in a professional manner.

In return we can offer you: a competitive salary paid twelve months of the year, a 4:2 work rotation of four months on board with two month’s paid leave, a single cabin with private facilities, flights to/from the vessel arranged and paid for by the company, an exciting opportunity to work on board our cruise ships, travelling to worldwide destinations.

Reference No: 578012

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