What we do


Marine Recruitment

The 'driving force' behind Bachmann Recruitment is the firm belief that people are the most important part of an organisation and that quality should be at its core.

Bachmann Recruitment recognise that all marine jobs, jobs at sea, vessel operators and seafarers have differing requirements and the marine recruitment services offered should be 'tailor-made' to address the specific needs for the various requ­ire­ments, in a profes­sional, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Bachmann Recruitment has the knowledge, resources and commitment to quality, to provide a one stop service to all areas of the marine jobs and seagoing jobs industry. Bachmann Recruitment is able to draw on an extensive range of contacts, experience and industry knowledge to ensure that all clients receive only the best marine recruitment services.

Coupled with our association with a well-respected and long established offshore employer, Bachmann Recruitment extends the role of the more usual Personnel Management function.

Bachmann Recruitment aims to be the leading provider of Personnel Management and Marine Recruitment Services for all jobs at sea and to provide all clients, irrespective of size, location or operation, with a consistently high quality marine recruitment service, customised to their specific requ­ire­ments.


Bachmann Training are pleased to offer a fresh and flexible look to their clients training needs.

We aim to provide a one stop service offering bespoke and mandatory training that restores lost and missing skills to any industry, utilising a wide range of knowled­ge­able and experienced trainers, delivering commitment of the highest quality to our clients.

Bachmann Training offer courses that bridge skills gaps and helps create a workforce that is skilled, competent and highly trained.

We offer a wide variety of training courses which fall broadly in to the following categories:-

  • Shore Based Training
  • Seagoing Training
  • Yacht Training Courses
  • Tanker & Chemical Transport Courses.

​We pride ourselves on providing courses that are tailored to your business and employee needs. We are able to offer bespoke courses that are unavailable to your competitors with total flexibility.